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Welcome to CEMEX Readymix and CEMEX Mortars - market leaders in concrete, mortar and screed solutions.

For all enquiries regarding Readymix please contact the sales team at your nearest Depot.

With an unrivalled history of product development, reliability and technical expertise all products are specifically designed for a wide range of applications including, house building, industrial, commercial and agricultural applications. All products comply with accredited quality assurance schemes and meet the relevant British and/or European standards.

With Cemex's market leading range of concrete mix designs, from enhanced strength to easy placement you can be sure they have solutions designed to meet every application.
Factory produced dry and wet mortar solutions guarantee consistency, quality and colour, providing a superior finish for all brick and block.
Production Process
Contact our sales team at Mitcham to find out more about the range of factory produced, ready to use screed solutions including traditional and enhanced performance mixes.
Concrete is made from a mix of cement, aggregates, water and additives.


A complete range of ready mixed concrete products and services
Here you will find specific pages dedicated to your requirements, pick from one of the four areas above to find detailed information and datasheets on our range of DIY, Agricultural, Industrial and Fibre Concrete mix designs and services.
If you are looking to purchase concrete for the first time or for a self build we have developed a useful DIY Guide datasheet and concrete calculator that will work out the required volume for your job.
When it comes to ordering, this couldn’t be easier, just click on our specially designed Sales Directory on the right hand side, select Readymix and the area and County you require and you will be given the correct office to contact.

DIY and Light Commercial Concrete Solutions



Readymix Foundation is a versatile, economical and durable concrete designed specifically for foundations and groundwork. Bricklaying and block work can usually begin just 24 hours after placing.

Features and Benefits

  • Easily placed and economical
  • Can be specified to meet aggressive ground conditions
  • Enhanced workability

Download the Readymix Foundation datasheet

Readymix Paving is an economical and durable, high quality concrete and is ideal for outdoor paved areas such as driveways, paths, patios, carports and pavements.

Features and Benefits

  • Durable, with minimal maintenance
  • Air-entrained for enhanced workability
  • Extremely easy to place and economical
  • Resists freeze/thaw damage in winter

Download the Readymix Paving datasheet

Readymix Flooring is a market leading concrete designed for stability and durability in domestic flooring, oversites, bases, and garage floors. Readymix Flooring is available for two specific flooring standards – Readymix Flooring (U) for unreinforced floors and Readymix Flooring (R) for reinforced steel flooring applications.

Features and Benefits

  • Easily placed and reliable
  • Used as a durable direct floor finish, or as a substrate for a screed
  • Offers excellent surface finish characteristics

Download the Readymix Flooring datasheet

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Concrete Calculator

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